Sarah warns of Killer Shrimp

Talking to DARC profiler, Sarah Wheater, I took the opportunity to find out about the CHECK-CLEAN-DRY campaign. Andy: Sarah, it sounds like a dry cleaning company, what’s it all about? Sarah: It’s actually about stopping the spread of alien species Kind permission of The Environment Agency Andy: I’m guessing you’re not talking about rowers from[…]

DARC Profile – Sarah Wheater

Sarah Wheater is an environmental scientist and novice rower. Originally from South Yorkshire, she moved to Durham in September 2012.  How did you get into rowing? Through the sports and social club at work. I had a friend in Warrington who was helping organise a Learn to Row course and they needed an extra body[…]

Rec rowers raise two-and-a-half grand

It’s like one of those maths problems. How many cups of coffee does it take at 50p a cup (less cost of the makings, not forgetting the biscuits) to raise £2500 in a year. Answer … A lot. The rec rowers have just handed over this money,  as their contribution to club funds,  from both[…]