How to stop wrecking boats!

In Cornwall they used to wave lanterns at night to attract seafarers onto the rocks. No lanterns required at DARC – boat wrecking is becoming a regular occurrence, with 2 top boats badly damaged in the last couple of weeks. We need to stop breaking boats now. Marking the shallows The Club has bought some[…]

Carol at British Para Rowing Camp 2013

Carol participated in the British Para Rowing Camp 2013, held at the London Regatta Centre on Royal Albert Dock. last week-end. Carol, the first Para rower in D.A.R.C. has been classified as LTA VI (legs, trunks and arms – visually impaired) by British Rowing classifiers. Carol suffered a traumatic brain head injury in a car[…]

World Masters in Varese

Wins for ‘E’ eight and ‘F’ four, “Apple-boy” bags four golds, but Gill claims five … whilst the WAGS lunch and shop Milano Seventeen DARC oarsmen and oarswomen travelled to Varese in Northern Italy for the World Masters Rowing Chamionships. Over 600 races spread over 4 days with competitors from 28 year olds to 85 year olds from all[…]