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Cruise on the Prince Bishop

Join us for a BBQ cruise on the Prince Bishop, Thursday 16th May 2013. Tickets £10 from Durham ARC Women’s Squad members. Cruise on the Prince Bishop and bring your friends along. All proceeds will be donated to our latest pieces of 8 fundraising drive.



Date: Thursday 16th May 2013
Time: 7-10.30pm
Entry includes:
River Wear Cruise
Tickets £10 from members of Durham Amateur
Rowing Club Women’s Squad
All proceeds go towards the New Eight Boat!
Raffle to take place on the night

QED – Quiz, Eat, Dance

Join us on Saturday 27th April for QED our Quiz, Eat, Dance evening. RKM will provide the entertainment. Download the poster and bring your friends along. All proceeds will be donated to our latest pieces of 8 fundraising drive.


In aid of Rowing Club Funds

Quiz, Eat, Dance




Durham Amateur Rowing Club

7.00 p.m. [Prompt start] to 11.00 p.m.

Saturday 27th April, 2013

7.50 per head

Pies and Peas

(vegetarian option available – please notify)

Tickets available from:

Durham Amateur Rowing Club Bar

Or mobs: 07930 183139 / 07980 645938 / 07768 457130

Or email:

Recreational rowing near prebends bridge 2013

EXPLORE – a better way of life?

John first heard about the Explore Rowing course at Durham Amateur Rowing Club two years ago, he had been suffering from lower back pain for over 20 years, and his intake of painkillers was steadily increasing. He was diabetic and had high cholesterol levels. Even though John doubted that he would be able to manage such a strenuous activity, he decided to give rowing a try …

Nicola had some experience of rowing at school and when she moved to Durham decided to enquire about rowing ..

Deborah decided to sign up for an explore rowing course shortly after moving to the area. At the age of 30 she was anxious that she’d left it a bit late to start rowing ..

Shirley, following a major car accident in 1977, had ongoing deteriorating back problems, needing major back surgery in 2000 and in 2010. In 2012 after taking early retirement she was in constant pain, needing increasing pain relief and was at the “end of her tether”. Shirley signed up for a learn to row course in May 2012 but had concerns that there wouldn’t be “a hope in hell” of sitting in a boat…

Joyce was stressed and tired with the daily grind of work, had lost interest in going to the gym, and needed a fun activity to re-charge her batteries and get herself fit …

The EXPLORE – LEARN TO ROW COURSES have been running at Durham Amateur Rowing Club for the last 2 years. A new set of courses is running this year. The course is for adult (16+) beginners and no experience of rowing is necessary. On the course a team of coaches and helpers will introduce course members to the basics of rowing, sculling, coxing and indoor rowing. There is a choice of 5 week (twice a week courses) or 10 week (once a week courses) – see course dates below.

So how did it work out for John, Nicola, Shirley, and Joyce. Sadly they decided rowing was not for them …

Seriously …

“The benefits of regular rowing have transformed my life. My back is strengthened and I no longer need painkillers. The diabetes and cholesterol are under control without the need for medication, and my social life – and mental health – are greatly improved. The decision to give rowing a try, has opened up a marvellous new chapter in our lives”

“I have improved my level of fitness, general well being, and my social life. I have taken the Level 2 coaching course and feel committed to both the club and sport. I am impressed by the wide range of ages and people who feel it is a sport for life”

“We had a good mix of ages from 20s to 60s, both men and women. The course was good fun week after week, and everyone always stayed on for a few drinks at the end of the session. Three years on I’m a fully signed up member, regularly competing at regattas and head races all over the county and have even found myself in the position of Regatta Secretary for the club!”

 “Initially, I could barely get in the boat and had to be dragged out! My flexibility was so poor I could only reach ½ slide. However, the craic was good, the people welcoming and friendly and I loved being able to do some exercise, however limited … so where am I, I 8 months on … I can reach full slide with ease, I’m still not comfortable at ‘easy oars’ but I can cope better and we rarely stop and sit still anyway! I rowed throughout the winter in rain, sleet, and snow. I took part in my first Sunday League regatta yesterday. I am now a leaner, fitter, rowing machine with (according to my doctor) the blood pressure of a 19year old.”

“I now find the exhilaration of a good row, with a friendly crew and  motivational coxswain hard to resist, and am happy to row 3 or 4 times a week. I still experience some stress but it’s more about the conditions of the river and whether I’ll be able to get out on the water or not .. I have dropped a dress size, sleep like a log, and have so much energy. The club provides the opportunity to make new friends, take on voluntary activities and to feel part of a warm community.. it’s a fantastic way to increase both your physical and mental well being”

2013 Explore – Learn to Row Course

  • 5 week (twice a week) course starting on 17th May
  • 5 week (twice a week) course starting on 28th June
  • 10 week (once a week) course starting on 3rd July
  • 10 week (once a week) course starting on 7th  July
  • 10 week (once a week) course starting on 9th  July

For details and how to sign up go to





Juniors Pieces of 8 fundraising 2013

Pirate-anical coaches selling “Pieces of 8”

Coach Bill ‘Sparrow’ Parker puts a brave face on the new-style practise outings

  … but the Junior Girls crew find it hard to see the funny side

Now coaches Alan and Bill vow to get them a new boat …

Durham Amateur Rowing Club has launched a fundraising campaign to buy a new eight for the Junior and Women’s squads. The idea is for sponsors and supporters to buy “pieces of eight” – riggers, seats, shoes, even the bowball, to help meet the funding gap of £7000 – before the new boat is delivered. The eight is needed if the promising rowers are to compete at regional and national regattas this summer.

Coach Alan Granlund said “We currently have the largest squad of committed juniors we have ever had, the gym has been full all winter and the ergos have done miles and miles. In amongst all this we had a J14 boy who won a silver at the National Indoor Rowing championships as a part of his training.”

 At our own DURHAM HEAD we won 9 events from age range J14 to 18 and some senior events. At Tyne Head the J18 Boys won J18 8’s ( beating our club senior 1st 8), also J184+, IM24-, J164x- Girls won WNov4x+. The WJ15 girls entered a novice 8 and were only narrowly beaten by Newcastle University in their first race (decisively beating all the Durham colleges). Overall juniors were winners in 5 of 7 events entered.

At the Yorkshire Head, the Juniors won 7 events, MJ18 8s (beating the 1st 8), MJ184+, MIM34X+, MNOv2x, WNov4+, MJ161x, WJ154x+ only our elderly Auntie Betty, coxed 8 boat, put a damper on things.

Alan explained, “ the girls J15 8 rowing in Novice 8’s were only beaten by Leeds University and beat many WIM38s. At the end after using the elderly ‘Auntie Betty’, the boat had about 4 inches of water in it. It is their success, after overcoming the old leaky boat which augurs well for the future provided they can use a boat that does not leak. A new Janousek 8 would be ideal for them to be our first girls 8 entry into the National schools regatta in May.

“The success story has continued in the trials for the Junior Inter-regional Team, and results have been quite amazing. We were successful in 7 events giving us a major part of the team. JIRR is for ages 14-16 years and the Main event is on 27 April in Nottingham when our Northern team takes on regional teams from the rest of the country.”

Successful boats were  MJ164x-, WJ164x-, Mj162-, WJ152x , MJ161x, MJ151x and MJ141x.

If you would like to buy any piece of an eight to enable our Junior team to achieve their potential, please download the following form.

Pieces cost from just £25 so please dig deep and help our Juniors rule the waves. Further details and the donation form can be found here PIECES of eight donation form