North East Indoor Erg Championships includes BikeErg and SkiErg

Durham University Boat Club (DUBC) held its annual North East Indoor Erg Championships (NEIEC) at Maiden Castle on November 12th which happened to coincide with the Long Distance Sculling and Autumn Small Boats Head competitions in Durham – not great planning given that DUBC wished to attract more club and gym competitors and moved the[…]

Long Distance Sculling finale coincides with Durham Autumn SBH

A falling river level and unseasonally mild weather made conditions very tolerable for competitors, officials and spectators at Durham’s round of the Long Distance Sculling (LDS) Series and Durham Autumn Small Boats Head (ASBH), as Durham ARC hosted both competitions on Saturday, November 12th. A combined entry of over 300 saw the suspension of entries[…]

Kingston Small Boats Head success

  Gill Prescott and Helen McMillan produced an impressive performance at Kingston Small Boats Head on November 5th, joining Jackie Darling of Barnes Bridge Ladies RC and Birgith Sims of Kingston RC to win the Women’s Masters G 4x- event. Competing in Division 2 over the 5.2km course on the River Thames the quad won[…]

Purchase of Browns Coalyard completed

DURHAM, UNITED KINGDOM – 8th November 2022 Durham Amateur Rowing Club (the “Charity”) has completed the purchase of land and facilities from Browns Coalyard Limited. The acquisition adjacent to our existing property includes approximately 2.7 acres of land, a large boat storage facility and planning consent for a 2nd boathouse. Paul Rutter, Director of the[…]