October 8, 2019

Autumn Small Boats Head

7th November 2020 (cancelled)

Held on the afternoon of the Durham round of the popular Long Distance Sculling Series (LDS), the Autumn Small Boats Head (SBH) was introduced in 2015 and offers an additional time- trial over the 1800m long course.

For added flexibility in 2019, there was to have been an early combined LDS/SBH division starting at 08.30, followed by LDS division 1 at 10.30, and two divisions of the SBH, starting at 12.45 and 15.00.

In 2019 the Durham round of the LDS and the Autumn SBH were both cancelled because of elevated river levels.

The 2020 Autumn Small Boats Head and the Durham LDS round will not run due to Covid-19 concerns.

Poster – PDFPrinter Friendly
Competitors Instructions – PDF – Coaches and Competitors should acquaint themselves with these.
Start Order – (PDF) & (XLS) 
Results – (PDF) Consolidated over the four divisions with winners indicated.
Results – (PDF) Grouped by Gender and Boat Class.

Volunteers are essential to the success of  the event. Positions for which you can volunteer are listed (VOLUNTEER POSITIONS).

Archived Documentation
2019 – Poster / Start Order PDF & XLS / Competitors Instructions – Cancelled due to elevated river levels.