November 24, 2020


Durham ARC’s Executive Committee (exec) is responsible for the day to day running of the club.

Executive Committee 2020/2021

Executive PositionMemberContactJob Description
PresidentIan ShepherdEmailLink
ChairmanBarry HudsonEmailLink
SecretaryHannah GravattEmailLink
Assistant SecretaryVacantEmailLink
TreasurerKate SowdenEmailLink
CaptainBeth HolmesEmailLink
Men's Vice CaptainStephen KayEmailLink
Women's Vice CaptainAlison DanforthEmailLink
Junior CoordinatorAdam LambertEmailLink
Coaching CoordinatorVacantEmailLink
Volunteer CoordinatorVacantEmail
Regatta SecretaryVacantEmailLink
Safety AdvisorAdam Lambert / George PeattieEmailLink
Welfare OfficerSam BlackEmailLink
Boat WardenDan LockeyEmailLink
Press OfficerColin LawsonEmailLink
Social Club CoordinatorVacantEmail
Executive MemberCharly CurtisLink
Executive MemberDavid BeebyLink
Executive MemberVacantLink

The committee is elected annually by the membership and is composed of representatives from all sections of the club.

The list of 12 executive members is as follows:-

  • President
  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Captain
  • Men’s Vice Captain
  • Women’s Vice Captain
  • Junior Coordinator
  • 3 Executive Members (These are members without a specific role who must be full members of the club)

Club President is an elected executive committee post but is not normally voted annually. Traditionally presidents have fulfilled this post for a number of years before making way for someone else.

In addition the club is required to have a Welfare Officer, whose key role is in safeguarding, and a Safety Advisor. These 2 posts are generally co-opted onto the executive committee.

The club manager is a co-opted post and has been allowed voting rights at the discretion of the executive.

The club (the exec) may also appoint

These posts are non-executive committee members who may be invited to attend meetings to provide reports.

Finally we have the Management Committee. This consists of

  • Club Chairman
  • Club Secretary
  • Club Treasurer
  • Club Manager
  • Club Assistant Manager

plus one other person appointed by the executive.

The Management Committee reports to the Executive Committee.

The twelve elected posts for the exec come up for election at the Annual General Meeting each July. The non-executive posts will be nominated by the members of the exec.