DARC Members Survey Results

The full report of the DARC SATISFACTION SURVEY – Report and Plans for Action is out today. Over two thirds of the 117 respondents rated their satisfaction with their membership of DARC, as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’. There were many positives about the facilities, about the general friendliness of members, and for the excellent coaching,[…]

Lost Masters Found on Sea to Sea

The annual cycling trip: The usual suspects- Stanley, Paul; Stevens, Micky; Gargan, Jed; The Rutters, Sarah and Paul aka ‘Biggles’; yours truly, Jaggard, Andy, not forgetting our esteemed leader, by mutual consent, because he’s sensible .. Mr Apple-boy, John (Now, John, I know you’re not happy with your new name, but it’s nothing to do[…]