September 26, 2019

Small Boats Head

5th February 2022

This is one of the most popular head races in the north. The Head takes place every year on the first weekend of February and regularly attracts around 400 entries spread over 4 divisions. This makes it an ideal event for clubs to try out various combinations of crews throughout the day. The course covers an 1800m stretch of the River Wear and requires a competent cox to navigate through the arches of Elvet Bridge.

Poster РPDF & Printer Friendly
Competitors Instructions – PDF – Coaches and Competitors should acquaint themselves with these.
Start Order – (PDF) & (XLS)
Results – (PDF) Consolidated over the four divisions with winners indicated.
Results – (PDF) Grouped by Gender and Boat Class.

Volunteers are essential to the success of  the event. If you would like to help to run it please sign up for vacant volunteer slots through the Club Captain.

Archived Documentation

2021 – Cancelled due to Covid-19

2020 – Poster/ Start order / Results / Competitors Instructions

2019 – Poster/ Start order / Results / Competitors Instructions