Nottingham Explorers visit

On Tuesday April 28th the daytime rowers entertained a group of 6 recreational rowers from Nottingham Rowing Club, known as the Nottingham Explorers, who had asked to visit us. They are an expanding group of experienced tourers who have already rowed at exotic places such as Amsterdam and Venice and are always on the lookout[…]

Bag packers top a grand!

The Club has undertaken some sterling fundraising efforts over recent months. The Juniors squad takes part regularly in bag-packing days at local supermarkets as a means of raising vital funds. Members of other squads also join in to act as packers and supervisors. The session on February 21st at Morrisons, Doxford Park raised £933 while[…]

Success at Strathclyde Park

The first multi-lane regatta of the season took place at Strathclyde Park over the weekend of April 25th/26th with the Juniors sending a large contingent. This is a major event which takes place under the banner of Scottish Rowing and attracts entries from all over Scotland and the north of England. Pride of place went[…]