November 24, 2020

Captain Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Progress and manage the club’s rowing activities in accordance with the Sport Development Plan
  • Management of boat allocation and usage
  • Management of Boat Store buildings including racking arrangements
  • Ensure the welfare of all club members
  • Ensure that all club members wishing to row have opportunity to do so

Key Activities

  • Work with the Vice-Captains, Junior Co-ordinator and Coaching Co-ordinator to organise squads/crews to ensure all members wishing to row have opportunity to do so
  • Report progress against Sport Development, coaching and training plans to committee meetings & AGM
  • Allocate equipment to crews and ensure all club members are aware of decision. Use Captain’s notice board in locker room for hard copy
  • Work with the Boat Warden to maximize availability of all club boats and equipment
  • Co-ordinate with the Vice-Captains, Junior Co-ordinator and Squad Representatives to ensure that all entries to Regatta and Head events have been approved and correctly submitted
  • Ensure that transport is organized to events and that boat launching permission has been requested and secured when required (e.g.Tideway Events)
  • Canvas members’ opinions and forward these to the committee where appropriate
  • Ensure any safety concerns are reported to the Safety Officer
  • Ensure any accident witnessed or heard about is correctly reported
  • Ensure that any welfare issues are referred to the Welfare Officer
  • Ensure the club rules and bye-laws are abided by
  • Ensure that the Club is represented at the Northern Rowing Council
  • Make the Captain’s speech at the Club’s Annual Dinner