November 24, 2020

Coaching Coordinator Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all club members who wish to receive coaching have access to a suitable coach
  • Ensure compliance of participant welfare
  • Manage a coach database
  • Understand individual coaches strength and personal aspirations
  • Facilitate training for all members wishing to qualify as coaches

Key Activities

  • Assess club membership coaching needs
  • Link crews or squads with appropriate coaches
  • Develop performance pathways for coaches
  • Develop and organise an annual coach education programme
  • Record qualifications and courses attended by coaches
  • Ensure annual club coaching audit is completed and returned to regional coaching commissioner
  • Manage attendance at external courses
  • Maintain a database of coaching resources
  • Investigate funding for coach education
  • Identify potential coaches from club membership
  • Ensure representation by DARC at relevant external coaching forums
  • Provide monthly reports of coaching activities to the Executive Committee
  • Ensure any safety concerns are reported to the Safety Officer
  • Ensure any accidents witnessed or heard about are correctly reported
  • Ensure the club rules and bye-laws are abided by
  • Ensure welfare issues are referred to the Welfare Officer