River Closed – Weir/Sluice gate has failed

Overnight on 27th/28th June the sluice gate at the old mill adjacent to Durham School Boat House appears to have failed. The river level has dropped around 20cm overnight.

As such no Durham ARC crews are allowed to go afloat until further notice. Once the river levels have stabilised we will be able to assess the river and determine which parts are still deep enough for use. More importantly we need to identify any submerged objects that are now likely to cause damage.

At this stage it is too early to know what remedial action will be required and how long this will take. We are informing other river users and stakeholders to ensure that all are aware of the situation.

We have a short clip on YouTube showing the river coming out of the mill race and here are a few pictures of our initial assessment of the situation:

Water still rushing out of the mill race at 10am

Weir and fish run have no water passing over them

Environment Agency New Elvet level monitor shows sudden drop overnight.

Durham ARC landing stage with over 30cm drop to the water

Regatta start area has gravel above the water level and only one boat width passable

Browns boats and Prince Bishop not able to operate

Dunelm landing with newly exposed silt clearly visible

Very shallow between Maiden Castle and Durham ARC