Amended Covid-19 rules effective from July 19th 2021

The UK Government confirmed that Step 4 of changes to the Covid-19 Roadmap will take effect from July 19th, and as a result the Club rules have been amended.

We have kept in mind that Covid cases in our Region are very high so some current rules will stay in place to ensure members’ health & safety comes first.

  1. Face masks do not need to be worn around the boathouse and in crew boats. Members can decide if they want to wear face masks. This is the same for coxes. Again this is up to individuals and what they feel comfortable with.

Face masks are to be worn when entering the main club building, in the corridor, toilets and changing rooms. You do not need to wear them when inside the gym and hall.

  1. Members only need to wash their equipment after their outing. Boats MUST be washed inside and out after the outing. Blades must also be washed after the outing.
  2. The Club sign up sheet will stay in place but members can sign up for as many sessions as they want in advance. The 24 hour rule will not be in place anymore.

The sign up sheet will still be used for track and trace as cases are still high in our region. Squads can keep their own registers of who is down for what sessions and in what crew boats but we can’t keep track of those members who are not in squads. This is why the club sign up sheet will stay in place. Please remember to put next to your name what boat you are in e.g. Beth 2x.

Junior coaches can do their own registers as they did before COVID.

  1. Weekend training times will be moving back to pre COVID times but discussions with club coaches will take place first to sort out boat sharing and times. For this weekend coming, training times will stay the same.
  2. Boat bookings. Any club boat going on the water MUST be booked on the portal before your session, no excuses. This gives us a clear idea of what squads are using what boats regularly and which boats are getting the highest use.
  3. Boat damage report will stay on google sheets as this is working very well. Even if you let someone know about any damage, please still report it on the damage sheet. Please mark with electric tape and report any damage to the shell. This is particularly important if the outer skin is punctured in any way. Any boat with damage to the outer shell through to the honeycomb must not be taken on the water.
  4. Number of people using the gym/hall will stay as 6 per session. This does not include juniors. Please clean down your ergo and gym equipment AFTER you have finished using them and put them away in the correct place. Anti-bac spray and blue roll will still be provided and members are reminded to keep using their own gym mat.