Weather Update – Durham SBH

Race is ON but do read below…

As you will be aware the weather forecast for tomorrow is for some strong gusty winds. We have been monitoring the forecast and continue to do so. Current forecast for Durham is 20mph wind with gusts of between 35mph and 42mph.

We are lucky in Durham in that the majority of the river is quite sheltered, we have also been fortunate that the wind yesterday afternoon and this morning has been of the same strength and direction as that forecast tomorrow so we have been able to assess the affect on the river and safety fairly accurately.

The forecast wind direction is favourable tomorrow SW / WSW, in assessing the conditions we have considered a number of key factors:

  • Travelling with trailers: whilst the forecast is for gusty winds there are no weather warnings for tomorrow, most clubs have already indicated they are bringing their trailers today and the wind will have dropped by tomorrow evening for return journeys. Clubs / drivers should of course always make their own decisions regarding road conditions.Marshalling: The majority of the marshalling area is in a sheltered location and was not affected by the wind when inspected earlier.
  • Elvet Bridge: With the forecast wind direction Elvet Bridge is also sheltered and was not affected by the wind when inspected earlier.
  • Crews returning downstream: This will be against the wind and we will be asking those crews to wait upstream of DARC in the sheltered water until clear to go downstream
  • Other weather conditions: Temperature is not too cold and river height is OK.
  • The areas most affected by the wind are under Kingsgate Bridge and the final straight (Regatta course). The water here is choppy for Durham but similar to what you get on tidal rivers.

After consulting with the organising committee and the RRSA we have decided the event will go ahead. Some areas of the course may be a bit choppy and crews will need to expect this.

We are not intending to restrict the events allowed to race by age or experience. However if clubs feel they either do not want to travel due to the wind or they have less experienced crews who they would like to withdraw please contact us at so we can discuss the options for you.