Junior Formal Dinner

2018 got off to a successful start on January 4th, breaking new ground with a great turnout for the first ever Junior Formal Dinner, organised by the Junior Captains and Vice-Captains Alannah Baldwin, Harry Coe, Katie Strangward and Sam Taylor.

All the junior squads were represented along with coaches and club officials and the meal was followed by music and dancing and presentation of the Junior Oarsman and Junior Oarswoman Awards for the 2017 season to Harry Coe and Gabby Suggett, along with an interesting selection of awards to squad members and coaches

Most Happy – Dom Crilley
Most Smiley – Katie Strangward
Fattest Erg – Kahn Evirgen
Best Coordinated Hair – J14 Girls
Loudest Rower – Jess Cooper
Best Baker – Gabby Suggett
Biggest Party Animal – Natya Priestley-Leach
Best Facial Expressions – Adam Morris

Most Famous Coach on the River Bank – Bill Parker
Most Motherly Coach – Vicky Jackson
Coach who is the Best Photographer – Ray Dominy
Calmest headed Coach in the face of adversity – Mike Rowe
Coach with Best Leggings – Beth Holmes
Coach who is the Biggest Beyonce Fan – Elliot Kay
Coach who is Best Looking in a Pigeon Costume – Mark Bell

A great success, and with seniors and masters providing the waitress service it looks set to be repeated.