North East Indoor Rowing Championships 2015


The indoor rowing championships season got underway with the first 2km event, the North East Indoor Rowing Championships, taking place at Durham University’s Graham Sports Centre at Maiden Castle on November 4th, a good opportunity to gauge how preparations for the British Rowing Indoor Championships (BRIC) in London on December 12th are going.

DARC had three Masters representatives, Joyce Collett, Joe Applegarth and Roger Stainforth. All three were happy with their times and Joyce and Roger, who have entered for BRIC, can build on their performances.

Times (and average 500m splits) were Joyce Collett 8:27.1 (2:06.8), Joe Applegarth 8:01.7 (2:00.4) and Roger Stainforth 7:14.9 (1:48.7).

Next year DUBC would like to encourage the participation of more club and non-university athletes. The format and timing of the event is under consideration so watch this space…..maybe next time we can see a larger contingent from DARC.