Membership Information

To become a member of the club you should first contact the relevant committee member responsible for your age group (i.e Mens Captain/Junior Co-Ordinator etc.) to discuss your level of experience, or if you are new to the sport, to find out when the next ‘Learn to Row’ course will be held.

You will then need to complete a Membership Form including emergency & health details, which should be returned to the club together with your fees which can either be paid in full by cheque (payable to ‘Durham ARC’) or monthly by direct debit.  The Direct Debit Mandate can be found here.

Membership subscriptions are due annually on the 1st August. The club’s preferred method is monthly by direct Debit.

Fees for 2017/2018 Season

Senior Membership £325
Senior Membership (suffering hardship) £195
Senior Membership (Offpeak) £162.50
Senior Membership (Coxes and Coaches) Free
Associate Membership £162.50
Junior Membership (J15 & Over) £195
Junior Membership (J14 & Under) £130
Temporary Membership (Max 21 days) £32.50
Temporary Membership (Christmas or Easter Holidays) £32.50
Temporary Membership (Summer Holidays) £65
Social Membership £32.50

Membership Notes:

  • Suffering hardship – if you feel your household has a low income (eg unwaged, retired, student etc) you may apply for a 40% reduction in subs. Note: becoming retired does not automatically entitle you to this reduction, this will only be applied if you believe your household to be of a low income.
  • Offpeak – If you intend to use club facilities only between 9am and 4pm on weekdays or at other times agreed by the Captain (currently Sat & Sun afternoons and Friday evenings between 7 and 9pm) you may apply for a 50% reduction in membership fees. This can be upgraded to full Senior membership at any time giving one month’s notice to the club manager.
  • Temporary membership will not normally exceed 21 days. It also covers the period between a new member completing an application form and being elected to the club.
  • A Junior member is a person who has not had their 18th Birthday on 1st September of the current year.
  • If you do not wish to row but wish to use the club’s land training equipment, showers and changing facilities then you may apply for associate membership which will be 50% of Senior Membership
  • Corporate Membership – can be offered to other organisations by arrangement – please contact the Secretary or Treasurer.

Boat Storage

Limited storage is available for private boats. To qualify for this you must be a member and should apply to the club captain in the first instance. Fees are also due before the 31st October and are payable by cheque to the club treasurer or over the bar. Storage Fees for 2017/18 are £130 per rowing seat.

Club Rules

All members new & old should make themselves familiar with the club rules and code of conduct.