November 24, 2020

Men’s Vice Captain Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support the Club Captain
  • Ensure that Masters, Senior and Development men’s rowing is coordinated
  • Ensure that recreational rowing is managed
  • Ensure that the land training programme is managed

Key Activities

  • Organise the Masters, Senior and Development men members into squads/crews to ensure all reach their potential
  • Work with the Captain to allocate equipment for crews
  • Support the Captain in submission of entries to Regattas and Heads that have been approved and checked and entered on time
  • Support the Captain in preparing a rolling budget for purchase of new equipment
  • Ensure that all men have appropriate boat and land-training programmes
  • Assist the Captain and Regatta Secretary in organising Club Regattas and Head races and sourcing volunteers to assist at the Events
  • Encourage all participants and volunteers to maintain equipment to the required standard, seeking suitable training where appropriate
  • Assist the Captain to match equipment to participants’ needs and ability levels
  • Canvas members’ opinion and forward these to the committee where appropriate
  • Ensure any safety concerns are reported to the safety officer
  • Ensure any accidents witnessed or heard about are correctly reported
  • Ensure the club rules and bye-laws are abided by
  • Ensure welfare issues are reported to the Welfare Officer