Racing wraps up for summer at Talkin Tarn Regatta

The summer racing season in the Northern region concluded with Talkin Tarn Regatta on Saturday, July 6th, a day that offered many alternative sporting distractions around the country and overseas. Thirty three entries representing Durham ARC raced in 3 lanes on the picturesque 700 metre course in chageable conditions that at different times throughout the day included sunshine, blustery winds and heavy rain.

The final competition of the season for most attracted a broad range of entries with several participants gaining their first experience of racing in an open regatta and some crews having their first taste of victory.

Division 1

Eleven hours of competition commenced at 8am with two DARC Women’s doubles contesting the first 2 races, both unfortunately going out in their respective semi-finals against Windermere and Tyne ARC opposition.

The Masters E coxless quad had the first success of the day, winning their semi-final against Tyne United by 3 lengths and final against Hexham by 4 lengths.

The J18 2x finished ahead of Sunderland in their final but were pushed into second place by Tyne ARC by a canvas.

The Senior Women’s eight were knocked out in their semi final by Tyne ARC by a canvas.

The J14 girls 4x+ won their semi-final against Tyne and Queen Elizabeth High School before overcoming Lambton RC by 2 lengths in the final.

In the band 1 single sculling semi-finals David Beeby lost by a canvas in the Open 1x against Sunderland and Cambois, and Jason Wrack lost to Lambton by a length in the J15 1x.

The J14 boys 2x won against QEHS and Hexham in the semi-final only to be defeated by Cambois by 4 lengths in the final.

The next victory went to the J13 coxed quad who won against Lambton by 2 lengths.

The Masters H 4x- of John Appleby, Ian Boyd, Derek Gordon and David Heppell secured their first win of the day by overcoming Sunderland and Tees in the final.

The Women’s 4x- was beaten in their final by QEHS and Hexham.

The Senior Men’s coxed four were beaten by Queen Elizabeth High School by a length in the final.

Division 2

In Division 2 the Open 4x- lost their final to St Leonard’s by 3 lengths.

The WJ18 2x band 1 lost in the semi-final against Chester-le-Street by 2 lenghs.

The next victory went to the Women’s Masters C 4x+ who won their semi-final easiily against Lambton before beating Talkin Tarn WMasD by 5 lengths in the final.

The MasG 2x lost their semi-final to Hexham and St Andrew by 3 lengths.

The WMasE 4x- were semi-final runners-up, beating Lancaster John O’Gaunt by 3 lengths but losing to Tyne ARC by 2 lengths.

In the J14 1x Aidan Lawlor lost against Lambton and Cambois in the semi-final.

Two DARC J14 girls 2xs entered, both reaching the final by overcoming Lambton, Chester-le-Street and Tyne ARC, but both were then defeated by Cambois RC.

Another event win came from the WJ16 4x- who beat Tyne United, and was followed closely by victory for the MasE 8+ who won their final against Tees and Tyne ARC by 2 lengths.

The MxMasE 4x+ lost in the final against Berwick and Tyne ARC.

Talkin Tarn Regatta

Division 3

In Division 3 the Women’s 4x- won the final against Windermere by 4 lengths.

Louisa Scott lost to Glasgow in the WJ18 band 1 1x final after beating Chester-le-Street in the semi.

Andy Jaggard beat Hexham opposition by half a length in the semi-final of the MasH 1x but lost to Tyne United by 2 lengths in the final.

Of the two Women’s 4x+s one lost to Glasgow and Sunderland in the semi-final while the other beat Lambton in the semi but lost against Glasgow in the final.

The Open 2x overcame Chester-le-Street and Sunderland in the semi then lost in the final against Sunderland and QEHS.

Scratchings left Paolo Fortis in the MasC 1x without opposition.

There was a second victory of the day for John Appleby’s crew in the MasH 4+ in which they prevailed against St Andrew by 1 length.

The MxMasH 8+ raced as MasF, beating Tyne MasE and being beaten by Tyne MasD in the final.

Nine wins for Durham ARC came from –

  • J13 4x+ Westwood
  • WJ14 4x+ Belsey
  • WJ16 4x- Foster
  • W 4x- Heads
  • WMasC 4x+ Conroy
  • MasE 4x- McCarthy
  • MasE 8+ Matthews
  • MasH 4x- Appleby
  • MasH 4+ Appleby

Results for DARC are available on EasyRegatta here.

Live results for all races can be found here.

Durham ARC was the second most successful club with 9 wins on the day, one behind Hexham who won 10.