Talkin Tarn brings down the curtain on the Northern scene

The Northern regatta season drew to a close at a windswept Talkin Tarn on Saturday, July 1st. The Regatta was in doubt because of the wind forecast until the go ahead was given the day before, by which time it had also been decided to shorten the course from the usual 700 metres to 500 because of a thick carpet of weed encroaching at the southern end of the tarn.

As Talkin Tarn always falls at the end of the season it tends to be quite a relaxed occasion, more so as the host club offers a post event BBQ in the evening after the completion of racing.

DARC provided 31 entries from the Junior and Senior squads in a total entry of around 350 competing in 80 events on the 3-lane course with racing continuing for 11 hours between 8am to 7pm.

The J13 coxed quad was the first into action in division 1 winning their semi-final before succumbing to Lambton RC in the final. The first win of the day followed soon afterwards for the J18 girls coxless quad who overcame Tyne ARC in their final.

Jonny Cleugh then had an excellent win competing in band 1 of the Open single sculls, defeating Queen Elizabeth High School by a canvas in the final.

The J15 1x, WJ15 2x, WJ16 1x and one of the J18 doubles were eliminated in semi-finals, while the other J18 double reached the final only to be pipped by a canvas by St Leonards.

Further victories came from Emily Rodgers and Eva Williams in the Women’s double, and the J14 double.

In division 2 the J13 girls had another tussle with two Lambton quads, this time getting the verdict by a canvas in the final.

The J15 girls 1x and J14 girls 2x went out in the semi-finals, as did both J16 doubles,  against Sunderland and Tyne ARC.

The Women’s coxed four won through their semi-final but lost to Tyne ARC in the final, and there were narrow defeats in the final for Matthew Flatters against QEHS in band 2 of the J18 1x, and for Quinn Mosley in band 1 of the J14 1x against Hexham.

More wins came in division 2, including another for the J18 girls in the double sculls against Durham School. Other victories went to the WJ16 4x- and Open 4x-.

Two DARC J13 doubles raced in division 3 but lost to Cambois in the semi-final and final respectively.

In the J14 girls singles Izzy Maddison and Amelie Jones both lost against Talkin Tarn scullers in semi-final and final respectively.

The WJ16 2x lost to Lakeland in the semi-final, and the Open 8+ went down to Hexham by quarter of a length in the final.

Victory for the Women’s coxless quad who overcame Tyne ARC and Windermere in their final rounded off a successful day in which Durham ARC amassed 9 wins, a total surpassed only by Hexham with 14.

Race results can be found on Easyregatta.

19 clubs took part in just under 200 races during the three divisions. The 9 wins (one more than last year), are listed below –

  • WJ18 4x- Morris
  • Open 1x band 1 Cleugh
  • Women’s 2x Rodgers
  • J14 2x Wrack
  • WJ18 2x band 1 Morris
  • WJ13 4x+ Terry
  • WJ16 4x- Beattie
  • Open 4x- Beeby
  • Women’s 4x- Suggett

Talkin Tarn brings to an end a curtailed season, with opportunities limited by the absence of Chester-le-Street Regatta from the usual timetable and the cancellation of Tyne Regatta. Meanwhile Wansbeck Regatta had an unusually low entry with no entries from DARC.

Northern regattas vary in popularity partly due to timings in relation to the academic calendar, with Hexham attracting a large student entry, while Talkin Tarn which falls after the end of University term draws a different cross-section of club entries.

Comparing entry levels between competitions is interesting –

  • Day 1 of Durham City (May 7th) – 33 clubs took part in 61 events and 246 races
  • Day 2 of Durham City (May 8th) – 26 clubs took part in 49 events and 136 races
  • Tees Regatta (May 13th) – 27 clubs took part in 117 events and 117 races
  • Wansbeck Regatta (May 20th) – 6 clubs took part in 28 events and 44 races
  • Hexham Regatta (June 3rd) – 20 clubs took part in 69 events in 232 races
  • Talkin Tarn (July 1st) – 19 clubs took part in 80 events and 198 races

A clash of dates with competitions elsewhere affects attendances for some, although Talkin Tarn only has Henley Royal Regatta with which to contend. Lane capacity is another factor. The Tees course uses 4 lanes, Talkin Tarn 3 and the others 2. Banding of events ensures that every event at Tees is a final whereas Talkin Tarn accommodates semi-finals and other competitions include more races through multiple rounds.

Talkin Tarn was the first Regatta to be included in the British Rowing Day Ticket pilot aimed at encouraging entries from non-racing members.

Henley Masters Regatta and the British Rowing Junior Championships follow in July and the Northern Rowing calendar resumes with head racing in September.

Photo by Talkin Tarn ARC