New Elvet Bridge reopens

Following a 15-month closure for essential repairs New Elvet Bridge reopened on October 22nd.

The bridge and riverside footpath closed in July 2020. In order to carry out overhead work it was also necessary to close the river for lengthy periods leading to considerable disruption for the rowing community and businesses based on the river.

New Elvet Bridge is an important link between the east and west sides of Durham carrying on average of 17,000 vehicles a day. After 45 years of use, the bridge required important repairs and maintenance to protect this vital crossing point which included work to:

  • refurbish the deck joint on the northern (Claypath) side of the bridge
  • remove the deck joint on the southern (Elvet) side of the bridge, to create a continuous deck structure with reduced future maintenance requirements
  • waterproof the bridge deck
  • carry out concrete repairs throughout the whole structure, to improve and extend its life
  • improve drainage systems
  • implement a cathodic protection system to prevent metal corrosion
  • renew the protective coatings to the concrete surfaces, giving waterproof protection to the structure and generally improve the appearance of the bridge

Opening the bridge Durham County Council Leader Cllr Amanda Hopgood said: “I am delighted that work on New Elvet Bridge is complete and that the route and associated diversions are now open to all traffic once again.”