Formula Rowing Open

UPDATE – due to unfortunate circumstances the Formula Rowing Open has been cancelled. Please see for further information.

Formula Rowing‘s inaugural event takes place on Sunday 19th June at Stockton-on-Tees. The Formula Rowing Open is the exciting start of the rowing revolution jovially dubbed #WeRowInCircles, and DARC members are being invited to take part.

Formula Rowing Operations Manager Louise Watkin explains

Entries are filling up rapidly, ranging from Oxford Colleges to Bristol, even with interest from the Highlands. However, we need a strong Northern contingent.

Formula Rowing aims to bring a new dimension to racing. To enable races to be in a circular format, we have specially developed patented technologies to allow for steep turns along with an integrated communications system to ensure safe overtaking and crew feedback. This is looking to be a fantastic spectator event, with live streaming of stroke rate and GPS tracking along with live Go Pro footage from inside the boat and cameras on both the bankside and on the water. Sandwiches and a fully licensed bar will be available on the waterfront, so get your Pimms in early and bring your whole boat club down to support!

Qualifying is between 9am and 12 noon. You have three laps in which to set the best individual lap time. Finals take place between 1pm and 3pm. Eight boats start in a gridded 2-lane format.

Entry requirements –

  • Due to the more demanding role of the cox we ask that they’ve had at least 1 years racing experience.
  • As we have updated our steering technology, both bow loaders and stern loaders are welcome.
  • Entrants must be over 18

Any questions- please get in touch with

More information on our technology can be found here and a short film to introduce Formula Rowing.

Entries can be made here:

In addition to the Formula Rowing Open, Formula Rowing is very excited to announce that in partnership with Durham Regatta, they will be live streaming racing at Durham Regatta 2016 on June 11th and 12th! Catch every Stroke at