Cox development programme at DARC


If the rowers are the “brawn” of the boat, then the cox is,”the brains”. The cox is a crucial seat in the boat, not just a seat to be filled by someone dragged off the bank!


As much as the physical and mental skills of the rowers, makes a difference come race day, so too does the ability of the cox. The cox’s role is multifaceted. Initially, the role will be mainly steering the boat during training sessions, and ensuring the safety of the crew.  As your experience increases, the role will additionally require a good technical understanding of rowing: you will be a second coach within the boat.  Additionally, you will be a tactician for races, and a motivating influence when your rowers need it most (and some classic ‘warpaint’ is an optional enhancement)


DARC is running a pilot programme, to develop the skills of coxes.

The programme will run over 7 weeks from 1st March (1st, 8th,15th, 22nd, 29th March, 12th April, 19th April)  with one training session of 2 hours each week (Sunday 12noon – 2pm). The coxes will also be allocated a ‘mentor crew’, to practice with, during an additional outing each week (times to be arranged)

The programme will cover all of the key coxing competencies and skills – safety; boat handling on land; boat handling on the water; steering; working with the coach; running technical drills; assisting the coach; and the role of the racing cox. The style of the programme, will be highly practical with at least half of each training session spent on the water, and with a maximum of 10 participants.


Several Durham rowers started their rowing in the cox’s seat, and all of these will talk about the invaluable knowledge, insights, and experience they gained as a result. You will:

  • have the opportunity to cox a range of crews
  • develop your skills for free
  • be trained and mentored by some of the Club’s and Region’s best current and ex coxes
  • have the opportunity to cox in the future at regional, national, and international level.


We welcome applicants of all ages, and from all sections of the club. Please talk to your section leader about your suitability.

Application forms are available from Jacki Patrickson – and should be returned to Jacki by 14th February.

If you have any questions or want more information you can talk to Jacki, or Andy Jaggard, or Derek Gordon