Close to the wire for women at HORR

Women’s Eights Head of the River race

The Women’s Eights Head of the River Race took place on Saturday 9th March on the Thames. Some of the crew travelled with Mark in the minibus, others came by train, arriving on Friday night in time for a big pasta meal. They had a good night’s sleep, a big breakfast, then drove to Chiswick to re-rig the boat.

With only 30 minutes to boating, the wires came out of the cox box and the cox was not happy at the prospect of shouting at the crew for 3 hours. No-one had a spare cox box but Mark and Chris managed to fit the wires back in and taped them in place, so the repair lasted for the whole race.

The crew rowed as Masters C and completed the 4 1/4 mile course in 21minutes 51, an excellent result! They celebrated by eating lots of Sue’s cakes and later had a very good Thai meal.

Mark and Chris did a sterling job, towing the trailers back home after very little sleep as loud music from an Indian wedding at the hotel had kept them awake until 4am.

It was a great weekend, enjoyed by all!

 The IM3 Masters squad are:-

 Angela, Carole, Debbie, Heather, Helen, Jill, Nicki, Pat, Rosie, Sarah and coach/cox Lynn.