DARC win the Sculling Series Victor Ludorum 2009

MJ18s and Victor Ludorum successes for DARC 2009

This years sculling series was made up of four long distance races ranging from 1800 to 5500 meters set against the clock. Overall Durham Amateur Rowing Club had 52 entries, covering 24 catagories competing in the four seperate events held between 10th October and 7th November.

The Victor Ludorum is awarded to the club with the most points at the end of the series. Points are awarded to each club that finishes, with 100 points going to first place and 1 point going to last place. By the penultimate race at Wansbeck, Durham Amateur Rowing Club were in the lead with 2688 points.

One crew that stood out over the series were the MJ18 4x-, consisting of Ben Reilly O’Donnell, Darren Smith , Stuart Lyons and Chris Tully. Having successes in all four races, they were awarded the Northern Rowing Council Fastest Junior Quad of the series.