Men’s Squad

This squad consists of oarsmen with racing experience, and a desire to improve their technique skill, fitness and boat speed. The main training times are weekday evenings at 6pm and Saturday and Sunday mornings.

This is a racing squad so we are looking for a training ability and commitment and a standard in both skills and technique

STANDARDS  Before entry required ability to

  • stop a boat (hold her hard)
  • scull, ideally  in a 1x,
  • sweep, ideally both sides
  • train at least  4 times a week at squad times . Though for serious racing you will need to train 6 times a week.
  • use British Rowing Technique
  • train using an ergo

after entry be able to

  • Stop a boat effectively,  by dropping the wrists using slap- bury- turn
  • Single scull
  • Row both sides
  • Develop water based skills
  • Develop  good British Rowing Technique
  • Use weights for training
  • Circuit train
  • Use land based ‘warm up’ and ‘cool down ‘routines.
  • Use core/trunk  and stretching routines regularly
  • Do 2k tests and other time/distance skill  tests, as required
  • Pass the club competency test, if not already done.
  • Keep a training diary

The squad objectives for the 2014/15 season were  agreed by the members.


Update October 23rd 2014

Enquiries to Men’s Vice-Captain Stephen Kay at