September 26, 2019

Corporate Events

Corporate & Team Events

‘On water’ experiences for teams and for corporate days; water journeys; unique experiences for special occasions and for big birthdays.

Team Arena are partnered with Durham Amateur Rowing Club to design and run a wide variety of ‘on water’ activities and experiences. These can include rowing, sculling, Canadian canoeing and dragon boating.

Team Arena

Andy Jaggard is the Director of Team Arena and has extensive experience of designing and running all kinds of innovative and enjoyable team and corporate events, for many different organisations. We can also offer water journeys (with picnics) for special occasions and ‘big’ birthdays – a unique and memorable experience.

Rowing and sculling are great activities for building trust and developing the skills of really working together.We can provide the complete package – high quality conference facilities, catering, and of course suitable boats and equipment with experienced and friendly coaches.

Canadian canoes are safe and stable craft for drifting lazily downstream through the heart of Durham City and stopping off for a picnic. Or for a more adventurous river journey on some moving water

We can create a ‘tailored’ event, designed from scratch, to meet your business/team objectives or you can select one of our standard options:-

Team rowing taster – ½ day

Business meeting and Team rowing taster – 1 day

Combine your business or team meeting with the Team rowing taster – an ideal mix of business and pleasure. We can also provide skilled facilitation of your meeting if required.

The Durham Mystery Team Event – 1 day

An introduction to rowing for your team(s) – with added ‘spice’, for teams that would relish both the physical and the mental challenge. First the teams, organised into crews, are taught the basics of rowing on rowing machines, and then on the river in stable ‘explore’ rowing boats. Each crew has a dedicated coach to build them into a competent unit, for the journey ahead.

Following a buffet lunch each crew sets off in their ‘explore’ boat to row to DurhamCity, accompanied by their coach. As the mystery unfolds, on land and water, each crew will need to use their initiative to deal with a series of intriguing challenges, before returning to the clubhouse for the dramatic denouement and for drinks or a team bbq.