Durham Amateur Rowing Club is grateful for all the support we receive, both during training and at regattas. Your support has enabled us to become one of the premier rowing clubs in the country, with squads from ages 12 to 70+, competing in events around the world and a membership of 400 and growing. Past support has enabled the club to build a spacious and hi-spec clubhouse and training facility, which opened in 2007. This clubhouse is now regularly used to host parties, christenings and wedding functions and is an ideal location for any event  to promote your own business to the local and wider community.

The Club also hosts 4 Regattas within the city, attracting rowers and spectators from across the UK and overseas.

Opportunities for sponsorship are available throughout the club, and in particular at our Regattas, on boats and equipment, on our Club website, at the Clubhouse, at the Wear Education Centre, through our DARC Alumni, or with our Learn to Row courses. We can tailor any of our packages to suit your needs.

Supporting DARC allows you the opportunity to raise your profile and support the current elite Masters or next generation of rowers. We are always keen to talk to parties interested in becoming a major sponsor.

Durham Regattas

We host 4 regattas throughout the year.

Durham Small Boats Head is an event held during February over an 1800 metre course, with crews rowing against the stream of the river. This is a 1 day event which has an entry level capped at 400.

Durham City Regatta is held annually in May. This event has developed from a half day event to a 2 day event, and last year attracted more entries than Durham Regatta which is held in June.

These events  attract entries from across the UK and provide Durham City with two of the busiest retail weekends of the year.  We offer opportunities for advertising within the event handbook as well as stalls, squads and event merchandising.

Durham Allcomers Regatta is a fun 1 day event for people who have never rowed before.  Crews of friends or work colleagues are coached for a limited number of outings, after which they race on the event day for a prize. There is also a disco and barbecue held afterwards.

Durham Autumn Sprint Regatta is a relatively new event, formerly Durham Vets and Juniors. DARC aims to provide rowing competition at all levels and holds this ‘Primary Regatta’ in late September, towards the end of the regatta season, to encourage participation by new and less experienced rowers and scullers.

Events Sponsorship could range from sponsorship of the whole event to individual race sponsorship, involving sponsoring an individual race at one of our events, with a view to covering the costs of that individual event.


Our website offers opportunity for promotion within our pages, in particular the caravan site, regattas, webshop, squad and functions and corporate pages. We have recently introduced a new river webcam feature, giving live views of the height and flow of the river at the clubhouse.

Boats and Equipment

Boat Sponsorship – Our fleet of boats not only needs to expand, to allow for greater participation in our sport, but also old equipment needs replacing. Sponsors’ advertisements are placed on the sides of boats and remain for approximately 5 years. Sponsors are welcome to name the boat they provide.

Towing Vehicles Sponsorship – The club has 3 large De Graaff boat trailers, that are used to take our boats to other events across the country. These trailers have panels front, sides and rear which we would like to  fill with advertisements.


Durham Amateur Rowing Club completed its £1m redevelopment in 2007 and now boasts one of the best rowing facilities in the country. The clubhouse is open all year round providing a flexible and high quality space for parties, christenings and weddings.

Wear Education Centre

DARC also supports an Education Centre offering opportunities to enjoy sports-related physical and mental activities that are fun and educational.

DARC Alumni

We have some famous alumni including Olympians. We also know that many young people who have rowed at DARC leave the North East, for work reasons, but retain fond memories of their time rowing in Durham. We have plans to establish a DARC Alumni Club, both as a social network but also to support sponsorship and fundraising.

Learn to row Courses

DARC offers six 10-session Learn to Row courses per year and is constantly looking for sponsors to support the coaching, logbooks and t-shirts that these courses include.


All donations from the public and companies alike will always be most gratefully received no matter how large or small.

We offer a range of sponsorship packages and are always happy to discuss your individual requirements. For further information on any sponsorship opportunities please contact Durham ARC  at enquiries@durham-arc.org.uk