Strathclyde Park Regatta

The Regatta season got off to a flying start on April 22nd with the DARC Juniors going to the Junior Inter Regional Regatta at Holme Pierrepont in Nottingham on Saturday while the Masters attended the 2-day Strathclyde Park Regatta, both multi-lane events.

Strathclyde Park Regatta is organised by Scottish Rowing and incorporates the Scottish Universities Rowing Championships. Among Durham ARC’s 15 entries were Women’s Masters E 1x, Masters F 8+, Women’s Masters C 4x, Women’s Masters 2x, Masters D 2x, Masters G 2x on Saturday, and Women’s Masters D 4+, Masters F 4x, Masters G 4x, Women’s 1x, Masters H 1x, Masters 2x, Women’s Masters C 2x, Women’s Masters D 2x and Masters B 1x on Sunday.

There were wins for Kim Forster and Gabrielle Moore (pictured) in the Women’s Masters D 2x and for John Watkinson, John Appleby, David Walker and Paul Stanley in Masters G 4x- and Masters G 2x, and 2nd places for Kim Forster and David Muse in Masters D 2x, Kim Forster and Gabrielle Moore in the Women’s Masters Res 2x, David Muse and Andy Jaggard in Masters B 2x, David Muse in Masters B 1x, John Appleby in Masters H 1x, June Davison in the Women’s Masters E 1x, and for the Masters F 4+, Masters F 8+, Women’s Masters B 2x and Women’s Masters C 2x.

Several other good performances included Joyce Collett racing in a single against strong university opposition and Andy Jaggard in a single, both at Masters G. 

Full results are available in a spreadsheet.

Photos can be found on the Not Just Rowing facebook page.