Thinking of Rowing

Thinking of Rowing?

Did you enjoy watching the Rowing during the Olympics? Have you seen a good crew or sculler skimming across the water on the river at Durham? Do you fancy having a go?

Rowing is a sport that can be learnt at any age with sections and competitions for all the different age groups from 9 to 90. There are opportunities for Recreational rowing and for Competitive rowing.

What does it take to learn to row?

Surprisingly, the biggest challenge during the early stages of learning is technical, There’s quite a few things to think about, in order to develop a sound technical ‘stroke’. But after a few ‘outings’ with a good coach you’ll start to get the hang of it. As you become more proficient, you’ll also become fitter. Rowing uses more muscle groups than any other sporting activity. The primary effects are in the legs, back, and arms, and it can really help to tone your body. As all your weight is supported by the seat and boat there is no jarring of the joints and it is a very safe sport in this respect.

During an hour-long rowing session you can expect to burn up to 500 calories and there is, both an endurance, and a strength-building aspect to the sport.

Crew rowing requires focus and sound teamwork for success, and can lead to a real commitment to other crew members and a strong ‘team spirit’. There are also opportunities to compete in both ‘fun’ and more serious regattas both in Durham and at other local clubs/rivers.

Options for learning how to row

There are 2 main ways to get started with Durham Amateur Rowing Club.

The first is through an Explore rowing – learn to row programme. This is a course held over 10 weeks that will teach you the basics of rowing, sculling, coxing and indoor rowing. For all this year’s course dates, and details of how you can sign up see Explore rowing.

The second is by taking part in the Allcomers regatta held towards the end of June or early July.  All you need is 4 people from your pub, club, company, or group of friends. Durham Amateur Rowing Club will provide you with a coach, all necessary equipment and 4 practice sessions to mould you into a racing unit. Then you compete in this fun regatta, over a short 300 metre course against allcomers.