Skills and watermanship

The Club is in the process of producing a competency test  which will be used as a club standard. The purpose of this as described by club captain, Richard Castling is:-

“to ensure that people out on the water are safe

to provide assurance that people have the necessary skills to be on the water

to remind people what their responsibilities are in the boat,

and most importantly to prevent accidents

There are many different safety aspects to competency including: awareness of other river users; the ability to respond quickly to commands; realistic assessment of the weather and river conditions; and knowing the correct boat terms.

Some of the essential technical rowing skills you need to master are:-

  • holding the oar handle correctly
  • being able to sit in the ‘safe’ position
  • demonstrating the arms-body-slide sequence
  • backing down
  • spinning the boat (using bowside and strokeside blades alternately)
  • emergency stop
  • row the boat away from a spot, turn round, and return to the original spot
  • safe launching, landing, and racking of boats

A great way of testing these skills in an enjoyable and challenging way is to complete the DARC timed obstacle course