Junior Co-ordinator

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop a framework that allows all juniors wishing to row the opportunity to do so
  • Develop a framework and performance pathway for Junior Rowing at DARC, which aligns to current British Rowing policies and initiatives
  • Maintain a junior recruitment system through school tasters , learn to row courses etc.
  • Ensure all compliance requirements regarding Participant Welfare are met

Key Activities

  • Develop, implement and review a performance pathway that enables a Junior to progress from beginner to National Standard
  • Ensure there is a Boat and Land Training programme matched to each individual and crew needs
  • Work with Coaching Coordinator to provide every Junior with the appropriate Coaching support
  • Provide a friendly, safe and secure environment which enables all Juniors to enjoy their rowing activities
  • Encourage all Junior participants and volunteers to maintain equipment to the required standard, seeking suitable training where appropriate
  • Maintain a database of equipment that is appropriate for use by Juniors and match equipment to participants’ needs and ability levels
  • Ensure that a scheme of recruitment is in place through school tasters, learn to row courses etc. to maintain the numbers of junior members
  • Support the Captain in submission of entries to Regattas and Heads that have been approved and checked and entered on time
  • Maintain a database of Juniors that includes their swimming competency, medical conditions, anthropometric measurements, emergency contact details, rowing/sculling competency and relevant qualifications
  • Ensure that there is a database of all volunteers involved with the DARC Junior rowing which includes a record of all current required checks
  • Assist the Captain and Regatta Secretary in organising Club Regattas and Head races and sourcing volunteers to assist at the Events
  • Ensure any accidents witnessed or heard about are correctly reported
  • Ensure the club rules and bye-laws are abided by
  • Ensure welfare issues are reported to the Welfare Officer
  • Ensure the Club bye-laws are abided by