Coaching Qualifications

Coaching Courses

British Rowing offer a number of coach education opportunities throughout the year ranging from full blown UKCC Coaching Qualifications to British Rowing Workshops which are delivered by British Rowing and are their means of passing on the latest technical developments from the National Squad along with updates on best practice and participant welfare.

Rowing Leader Course

British Rowing provides a training course for members which sits between the formal qualifications provided by the UKCC coaching courses and their informal, practical workshops.

The Rowing Leader training is designed for anyone over 16 years old to learn how to safely deliver rowing sessions under the supervision of a qualified coach.

The 16-hour training enables participants to conduct a simple risk assessment, explain basic rowing technique, and plan, deliver and evaluate sessions and activities under the supervision of a qualified coach.

Prospective course candidates should have participated in a man overboard, capsize or water rescue drill, attended as a minimum a Learn to Row Course Stage 1 & 2 / Explore Assistant Workshop or be regular rowers for a minimum of 12 months.

UKCC Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Rowing

The Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Rowing is the first award for coaching individuals on the water. It is aimed at beginner coaches, not just coaches of beginners, so is applicable to coaches working with all groups. You may be a former athlete or a parent wishing to begin coaching, a teacher or a coach with experience looking to gain formal recognition of your abilities.

The award focuses on developing three coaching behaviours:

  • having a concern for standards
  • being a participant-centred coach
  • looking to develop continually as a coach

These coaching behaviours are underpinned by knowledge and skills in the areas of coaching practice of:

  • safe and professional behaviour
  • communication
  • planning and reviewing
  • sequential activity

What the award qualifies you to do

A Level 2 Certificate Holder is qualified to prepare for, deliver and review coaching session.

Course Requirements

You are required to be at least 18 years of age.

In order to take the UKCC Level 2, Candidates must also:

  • Be or become an British Rowing member*. Non-members can apply online for instant membership. (England and Wales)
  • Be a registered British Rowing website user, a current SARA member, a current member of a SARA club, and resident in Scotland**; or be an British Rowing member. (Scotland Only)
  • Be able to provide the names and contact details of two referees as part of the application process.

How long is the award?

The Level 2 course consists of 36 hours of face-to-face tutoring and internal assessments. After completing the tutored part of the course, candidates are required to keep a coaching diary for 6 sessions and then be observed coaching in their normal environment by an independent assessor (3 hours are allocated for this). Candidates are also asked to do some pre-course reading and self-analysis.

Is there any support for me whilst completing the coaching delivery and log?
Mentoring will be available to you if required and the process of finding a mentor appropriate for you will be explained on the course.

What resources will I receive?

The resources are very extensive and are updated continually – these are available to candidates through RowHow which will enable candidates to look at them in their own time and ensures the most up to date information is available to both past and current candidates.

What do I need to do if I hold an IA?

The Instructors Award (IA) is still a valid Coaching Qualification. IA coaches wishing to proceed to the Level 3 will gain access to all of the Level 2 materials to ensure they are up to date.

UKCC Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Rowing

A Level 3 Certificate holder is qualified to plan, implement, analyse and revise annual coaching programmes. If you feel you are in a position or coaching environment to build upon delivery of coaching sessions through planning and implementing annual programmes, then this course may well be for you.

Course Requirements

  • Candidates must hold an IA or L2 certificate in coaching rowing
  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Hold or be working towards an emergency first aid certificate
  • Hold or be working towards the L2 Strength and Conditioning qualification
  • Be in a position to actively coach after the face-to-face course to complete their assessments


The completion of the award may take the full three years of registration for those coaches starting the course with a minimal level of experience down to 12 months for those starting on the course with a high level of experience.

Courses will be run residentially at National level as well as regionally.

  • In either case (regional or national) the course will be delivered in order to support the continued professional development of the coach.
  • The taught sessions will be delivered over an extended period of time to build on knowledge and skill, interspersed with mentored coaching practice in the club environment to develop the competencies required at this level.
  • The two independent assessments will then take place at the end of this process – at least one month apart. To allow for the coach to prepare fully and show coaching competence through the assessment process in his/her own club.

Course Contents

The programme of study covers topics including Skill and Technical Analysis, Practical Rigging Applications, Communication and Developing Others, Safe and Professional Practice, Motivating Participants and Nutrition as well as understanding the importance of anatomy and physiology in constructing a training programme whether it be skill or performance based. Coaches will also need to complete the UKCC Level 2 in Strength and Conditioning; this may be carried out as a separate module or on the Level 3 course itself.

As highlighted at Level 2, the course is underpinned by key competencies and behaviours.

At Level 3 you will be expected to show development in the following:

  • concern for standards
  • participant focus
  • developing continually as a coach

As well as developing desired observed behaviours in:

  • developing others
  • decision making

What will you gain from the award?

Upon successful completion and assessment of the Level 3 coaching award coaches will be able to:

  • establish participants’ current and potential needs and produce a participant profile for two individuals
  • compile an action plan as well as a coaching plan in order to review performance
  • construct a detailed training programme
  • produce a coaching log book
  • provide two risk assessments of a training and non-training environment
  • develop a personal development plan
  • assist others to plan for their own development
  • deliver coaching sessions while maintaining a safe coaching environment for participants and others
  • establish and maintain supportive working relationships with the participants and others

These outcomes are simply the steps required to deliver a successful annual programme and you will be required to provide evidence of these steps through the assessment tasks set.