Ccoaching and Education

Coaching & Education

The Wear Education Centre has modern facilities and beautiful surroundings to encourage schools and colleges to extend the learning opportunities of their students.

The Explore Rowing scheme has been very successful over the last few years and has brought a large number of new members into the club. More courses are planned for this year. The explore programmes run over 10 weeks and provide a sound introduction to rowing.

The club has a number of experienced and skilled coaches, as well as several newly qualified coaches – for their profiles see Coaching. The route to qualification is described in Coaching qualifications.

British Rowing also run a variety of rowing courses in the local region see Rowing workshops.

Inevitably with over 400 members there is an increasing demand for ongoing coaching as new members graduate from Explore. The club is currently considering a number of options to deal with this increasing demand – a group which met recently have discussed a process which should make it easier for people to learn how to coach and get involved.

Club captain, describes one option:-

” There may be people who are interested in coaching, but perhaps don’t know where to begin.  In this case, shadowing of the more experienced coaches can be arranged.  This should hopefully allow you to pick up tips etc. on what to look out for, when coaching, and how to go about making improvements. Once you’ve shadowed a more experienced coach, for a period of time, you could then be assigned to a crew, to begin coaching them.  It may be useful, depending on the number of people interested, for you to begin coaching in pairs, so that you have somebody to discuss things with, and aren’t just suddenly left with a crew to coach on your own. I’d like to stress that this needn’t be a massive commitment, there would still be ample time for you to train and race yourself.  If for example ten people are interested and can only coach one session a week, then that’s still ten more coached sessions than there are currently”

“After a time, if you are finding the coaching rewarding and useful then we could look at developing you further with attendance at a British Rowing coaching course.”

Let George know via email ( or in person if you’re interested.