DARC Alumni

DARC is a club with a large turnover of members. Most of our Juniors move on to University and then work almost anywhere but the North East.

The same applies to many of our 18 to 27 rowers; moving up the work ladder entails moving away. Example – only four of sixteen who rowed in our 2012 Head and Summer VIII are still in Durham and only one is still rowing.

All our ex-rowers appear to maintain a keen interest in the Club and its activities. The Club has decided to tap into this interest and form an “alumni” club. The objectives are:

  • Community – Re-establishing and maintaining contact with old friends, developing the wider DARC community, and generating support for DARC at regattas around the world    
  • Financial – through giving and supporting events
  • Encouraging volunteering at DARC events
  • Profile and Influence – Raising the profile of the Club in nation-wide rowing and sporting circles, and accessing networks of influence and skills among the highly educated and professionally connected former DARC membership
  • Recruitment – Ensuring that any student or professional with an interest in rowing, who locates in the Durham area is aware of DARC and considers it their sporting club of first choice

To start up this club we shall be asking current members of all generations to consider ex crew mates they are still in contact with and either inform them directly or suggest to enquiries@durham-arc.org.uk.

Our second point of recruitment will be J18 rowers as they leave the club for University or elsewhere. For these we are suggesting a one-off membership which will extend until they are 25.

Both strands will cover use of the club (incl gym and social rowing) on visits to Durham, news updates, access to the club members site etc.


One of the first tasks of the club will be to decide on a name