The Secret Sculler says ..”Get the Exec. you deserve”


Sculling down the Wear these misty Autumn mornings it suddenly struck me (no, not a Browns boat, and not a flower pot off Baths Bridge – although I had one of those a few years ago) ..

It’s that time of year again .. the AGM .. time to appoint a new Executive Committee. And with lots of time on the slide, I’ve come up with a brilliant 4 step plan to get the Exec that you deserve:-

Step 1: Don’t bother going to the AGM

Step 2: Or if you do, don’t give it any thought, turn up, and vote for your friends

Step 3: Help pressgang some unlikely victim into a vacant position

Step 4: Moan all year about the exec’s inability to deal with some important issues

O.K. it’s a big club, very successful in many ways, but tribal, if you know what I mean. Why not get the exec you want rather than the one you deserve? Here’s an alternative 4 step plan;

Step 1: Take an active interest in who is standing for the key positions

Step 2: Ask potential candidates what they stand for, and what they intend to do, if they get elected.

Step 3: Attend the AGM and vote for the best candidates

Step 4: Hold them to account for the rest of the year, for doing what they said they would – and support them in achieving it.

Secret Sculler’s Sermon – end of.

P.S, AGM is on 27th September