Durham Autumn Sprint Prospectus 2014

Durham Amateur Rowing Club


Durham Autumn Sprint

Sponsored by the Prince Bishop River Cruiser

Saturday 27th September 2014

500m, Free Start – River Wear at Durham

Held under British Rowing Rules and Row Safe.

First Race not before 09:00 am.

All events are offered for Open and Women’s crews.

Mixed events are offered for 4+, 4x+ and 2x.

A Printable copy of the prospectus is available here


Boat Type


Qualifying Events (where appropriate)*
IM3, Novice 4+, 4x+, 2x, 1x
Junior A (18, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11) 4x-, 4x+, 2x, 1x 4x- for J18, J16 only
4x+ for J15 and below
Masters 4+, 2-, 2x, 1x Handicaps will apply where needed
Masters Intermediate 3 4x-,4x+, 2x, 1x No Handicaps
Masters Novice 4x-,4x+, 2x, 1x No Handicaps
Non Qualifying Events*
Mixed 4+, 2x No account made for age
Para Events 1x As per entries
Recreational Events 4+, 4x+, Mxd 4x+, Mxd 2x See notes below



Event to be run in three divisions to allow for doubling up – competitors are encouraged to double/ triple up. Please see attached explanatory notes.


*Junior 18 & Junior 16 races are qualifying if no point has been won previously in the same age band

J15, J14, J13, J12, J11 – count as a junior b win

Masters events do not attract senior points with the exception of novice competitors who will gain 1 point;

Mixed & Recreational events not qualifying*


Entry fees (per rowing seat): £6 per rowing seat (coxes are free)


*** All Cheques payable to Durham Amateur Rowing Club ***



Explanatory Notes on Doubling Up and Events.


Division 1

(9.00 – 11.30)

Division 2

(11.30 – 14.00)

Division 3

(14.00 – 17.00)

J12 1x WJ12 2x J12 2x WJ12 4x+ J12 4x+ WJ12 1x
J13 2x WJ13 4x+ J13 4x+ WJ13 1x J13 1x WJ13 2x
J14 4x+ WJ14 1x J14 1x WJ14 2x J14 2x WJ14 4x+
J15 1x WJ15 2x J15 2x WJ15 4x+ J15 4x+ WJ15 1x
J16 2x WJ16 1x J16 1x WJ16 4x- J16 4x- WJ16 2x
J18 4x- WJ18 2x J18 2x WJ18 1x J18 1x WJ18 4x-
J16 4+ WJ18 4- J18 4- J15 4+ WJ16 4+
WJ15 4+ WJ18 2- J18 2- WMasN 4x+ MasN 4x+ WN 1x
N 1x WIM3 1x IM3 1x WMas 4x- MasN 1x WIM3 4x+
IM3 4x+ WMas 1x Mas 1x WN 4x+ Mas 4x- WMas 2x
WMasN 1x MasN 4+ WMasN 4+ WIM3 2x N 4x+ WIM3 4+
Mas 2x WN 2x N 2x WMas 4+ IM3 2x REC 4x+
IM3 4+ WMasN 2x MasN 2x WN 4+ Mas 4+ MXD 4+
MXD 2x MXD REC 2x PARA 1x N 4+
REC 4+ MXD REC 4x+

Times of division are provisional and are subject to change dependent on entries.


Entry Information

  • All competitors of qualifying & Mixed events must be holders of British Rowing Gold Racing Licences, Competitors in Recreational Events are allowed to race with a British Rowing Silver Licence.
  • Entries for qualifying and mixed events should be entered using BROE (British Rowing On line Entry System).
  • For entries not on BROE, postal or email entries are acceptable – an email confirmation will be sent to confirm receipt.
  • Contact Regatta Secretary for enquiries – details below.

Address for postal entries and cheques:

Regatta Secretary, City Boathouse, Green Lane, Durham DH1 3JU

Email address: regattasec@durham-arc.org.uk

Draw Information

  • The draw will be made on Saturday, 20th September at Durham Amateur Rowing Club.