Job Descriptions – Durham Regatta

Start Marshals (2 plus DCR marshals)

1. Two marshals will be on the DARC marshal platform where they will help to organise the crews  on the water, only allowing paired crews to proceed to the start area. The marshal confirms all the crew details (event, crew number and opposition) by referring to the race timetable. Crews without their opposition must be held on the opposite bank. They need to record crew numbers, update the start order and keep crews moving to the start on the Pelaw Wood side of the river. The marshal must be aware of any crews arriving late by checking with the running order. Allowing for lateness a waiting crew should be held for five race slots and then be allowed to proceed alone (advise Race Control of this). If their opposition arrives they should be sent straight down to join them. These marshals are also responsible for updating the race order as the results come through.

2. The third start marshal is above the start and checks the crews as they come down, making sure the crews know which side of the river they are racing on and that they are dressed ready to race. This marshal needs to communicate with the start platform so they know which race is coming down on to the start. They also need to ensure that any crew coming up to race from a boat house below the start continues up to register with the Start Marshal on the platform at DARC before being allowed to turn.

Landing Stage Marshals (2-4)

The Landing Stage Marshals are responsible for co-ordinating boating in accordance with the Regatta timetable. They should try and ensure, as far as possible, competitors boat together, check all crews have their race numbers on and ensure all competitors are adequately dressed for the conditions. The Marshals should direct crews to available space on the landing and help crews embark and disembark as quickly as possible to avoid queues forming. Crews may only boat if they are about to race, crews are not allowed to boat for practice outings. All boats must embark with their bows pointing upstream, turn and then report to the Start Platform.

The Landing Stage Marshals are also responsible for ensuring the steps are clear at all times, no blades should be placed on the steps as they must be clear for the movement of boats. Crews must not be allowed to sit and wait at the landing stage as this prevents other crews from embarking/disembarking.

Start Assistants (1 plus one from DCR)

There are two Start Assistants who are on the starting platform. They assist the Starter by informing him of the race number, event and crews approaching the start. One Start Assistant will also be responsible for radio communication, he will radio to let the officials on the course know which race is on the start and once the race has started informing them that the race is underway. He will receive the results radioed back from the Finish team as well as receiving any other communications for the Start. The second Start Assistant will record the results and verdicts as they are radioed back from the Finish team and mark each race off as it approaches the start and again once it has started.

Commentator’s Assistant (1)

The Commentator’s Assistant is there to help the commentator who is sutuated close to St. Cuthbert’s boathouse in a raised commentary box. The Assistant will listen to the radio and inform the commentator of which race is about to start / is on the course.