The Durham Primary Regatta 2005


Durham ARC Crest


The Durham Primary Regatta
(incorporating Durham Vets & Juniors Regatta)

Saturday 24th September 2005

500m downstream, Free Start - River Wear at Durham

Held under ARA Rules and Water Safety Code. First Race not before 09:30am.

All events are offered for Open and Women's crews. Mixed events are offered for 4+ and 2X.

All Events Are Non-Qualifying


Boat Type


Senior 3

4+, 2X, 1X

By invitation only to clubs from North, Yorkshire, North West Regions and SARA clubs)

Senior 4

4+, 2X, 1X


4+, 2X, 1X

Junior A (18, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11)

4X-, 4X+, 2X, 1X

4X- for J18, J16 only

4X+ for J15 and below

Junior B (18, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11)

4X-, 4X+, 2X, 1X

Junior Maiden (18, 16, 15, 14, 13)

4X+, 2X, 1X

First year in sport

Veteran Senior 4

4X+, 2X, 1X

Veteran Novice

4X+, 2X, 1X

Veteran (A, B, C, D, E, F, G)

4+, 2X, 1X

No restriction on points in crew

New to the sport - in first year of sport.

E.g. allcomers and corporate rowers

4+ (restricted),


1X (tracer)

Restricted fours

Tracer Sculls

(both can be provided by Durham ARC if necessary - please advise)

Special Events:

Mother & Daughter 2X

Father & Son 2X


Both mother & daughter and father & son event may be amalgamated dependant on entries (e.g. father & daughter etc) and may be split by age (of junior) dependant on entries.

Married Persons 2X


Must be married to each other - common law marriage is accepted.

To be run in four divisions to allow for doubling up - competitors are encouraged to double/triple up. Loser's plate may be offered if sufficient entries Please see attached explanatory notes.

Entry fees (per rowing seat): £5 Seniors (one division) and £3 each additional division (coxes are free)

£4 juniors (one division) and £2 for each additional division

Entry fees are £1 extra if not on OARA (under J14 and new to sport competitors excepted) and £2 extra if paid on the day.


Explanatory Notes on Doubling Up and Events

  • Only the events offered on the poster will be available.

  • We encourage "new to sport" entries such as corporate rowers, all-comers and those who have been rowing for less than 9 months. Please contact regatta secretary about this event if you have potential competitors.

  • Doubling/ trebling up is only permitted in accordance with the divisions below, no account for boat doubling within division will be made. Competitors may not double up within each of the first three divisions (e.g. cannot enter S3 4+ and S4 1X but can enter S3 4+ and S3 1X).

  • Note that competitor doubling up in DIVISION FOUR ONLY (mixed events) will be permitted dependant on size of entries to the events. Please ensure you have provided contact information for the weekend of 17th/ 18th September to facilitate this.

  • The racing will be organised in four divisions in line with the proposed plan below - however this may be altered dependant on entries. Divisions 1- 3 are for both open and Women's events. Division 4 is for mixed events only.

  • Where timetabling permits, racing in blocks will be performed - the winner of a race stays on the water until they are eliminated. Please make sure all your competitors are familiar with the race instructions provided with the draw.

Division One

(09:30 - 11:30)

Division Two

(11:30 - 13:30)

Division Three

(13:30 - 15:30)

Division Four

(15:30 - 17:00)

Senior 3 4+

Senior 3 2X

Senior 3 1X

Mother/ Daughter 2X

Senior 4 1X

Senior 4 4+

Senior 4 2X

Father/Son 2X

Novice 2X

Novice 1X

Novice 4+

Married Persons 2X

J18 4X-

J18 2X

J18 1X

All other Mixed 2X

(split dependant on entries)

J14 4X+

J14 2X

J14 1X

J16 1X

J16 4X-

J16 2X

J13 1X

J13 4X+

J13 2X

Mixed 4+

(split dependant on entries)

J15 2X

J15 1X

J15 4X+

J12 and under 2X

J12 and under 1X

J12 and under 4X+

New to sport 4+

New to sport 2X

New to sport 1X

Veteran 1X

Veteran 4+

Veteran 2X

Times of division are provisional and are subject to change dependant on entries.

Entry Information

  • All ARA registered competitors should be entered using OARA. www.oara-org.uk/competitionentry

  • For under J14 or new to sport entries, postal or email entries are acceptable and the OARA entry fee applies.

  • Contact Regatta Secretary for enquires - details below.

  • Entry fees £1 extra if not made on OARA (under J14, new to sport competitors excepted)

  • Entry fees £2 extra if not paid by 21st September

  • Cheques payable to Durham ARC

Address for postal entries and cheques:

Megan Bell
73 Meadow Green
The Coppice
Co. Durham
DL16 6TN

Telephone number for enquiries: 01388 816705

(NO calls before 8am or after 8pm as we will have a new baby by then (due 2nd September!))

Email address: meganbell@talktalk.net

(For enquires/ entries for under J14 and new to sport.)

Draw Information

  • The draw will be made on Sunday, 18th September at 12 noon at the Regatta Secretary's address.

  • Full draw and safety instructions will be sent to clubs by last post on Monday, 19th September to arrive on 20th September

  • The draw and safety instructions will be posted on www.durham-arc.org.uk on or after 20th September

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